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Get my drift? Meter drift explained.

By Caleigh Millette, Warren Rogers Associates, 2020


What is meter drift? How can it be fixed?

Meters tend to drift when they are out of alignment or off center, usually in the positive direction. This results in more fuel being pumped out than what the customer paid for, which can lead to considerable money loss for your business over time. Meter drift can become more serious as the dispenser ages, though all dispensers may drift at their own rate. As a meter naturally wears down, more fuel passes through than expected.

Flow meters measure the amount of fuel being dispensed and can show leaks through data. Because of this, flow meters are essential in detecting problems and preventing harm to public and environmental health and safety. For flow meters to perform properly and accurately detect problems as they arise, they need to be well-maintained and calibrated when necessary.

Conducting calibrations on your meters whenever necessary can prevent them from performing inaccurately, thus preventing fuel loss — and money loss. Most of the time, calibrations are required at least once a year. A meter that cannot be effectively calibrated may need to be replaced or repaired. 


How Warren Rogers can help:

We display and report on locations with slowing fueling positions, dispenser meters out of variance, sites with communication loss, and tanks showing water. We also offer real-time, interactive tank and dispenser performance charting. We will even prioritize issues based on their impact to your site revenue, so you can fix the most costly issues first.

Your Warren Rogers analyst support team can customize reports and email alerts to meet your specific needs, and offers first-class troubleshooting assistance — all viewable on desktop, tablet, or mobile (great for field staff). See the results of your maintenance repairs in real time. Learn more here


About Warren Rogers Associates

Founded in 1979 by Dr. Warren Rogers, Warren Rogers Associates pioneered the development of Statistical Inventory Reconciliation Analysis (SIRA) as a means of monitoring underground fuel tanks and associated lines. Warren Rogers later invented Continual Reconciliation Analysis for fuel management and has been at the forefront of developments and enhancements to this technology.

Today, Warren Rogers specializes in statistical analysis and precision fuel system diagnostics for the retail petroleum industry. The Warren Rogers system is fully deployed in the cloud to provide customers with real-time access to fueling data anytime and anyplace. Recent initiatives include alarm management capabilities and the deployment of a secure procurement application for delivery forecasting and product dispatch, the development of KPI Measures of the financial impact of tank system maintenance activities, and advanced delivery audit. In addition, all Warren Rogers solutions are PCI compliant and eliminate any reliance upon the use of a customer’s VPN for access to store devices. Warren Rogers holds numerous U.S., European and Canadian patents for these applications.  For more information, please visit and feel free to contact Tony Caputo, Director of Business Development, at, (M) 540-314-6210, for more information and scheduling a demonstration.