Warren Rogers can easily automate the collection of ATG-performed UST and Line testing for 1 to 10,000+ locations with ease!

With fuelWRAp, we electronically monitor your locations’ testing daily for:

  • -PLLD testing

  • -SCALD testing

  • -CSLD Testing

  • -Sensor Monitoring

  • -Interstitial Monitoring

We also have the capabilities to produce and report upon our robust and automated SIR leak detection as well as our certified CITLDS high-throughput leak detection.

Each day, on fuelWRAp, you can check the status of locations AWAITING RESULTS TO PASS as well as Locations with PASSING RESULTS for the above ATG-based testing and sensors.

Electronic sensors connected to the ATG can also be checked for NORMAL, ON, OFF, OR ABNORMAL status results directly on fuelWRAp.


At the end of every 30-day cycle, per EPA guidelines, fuelWRAp generates the electronic reports necessary to meet your state’s EPA requirements.

Each report contains the most-recent results as well a 12 month rolling history of prior testing results.

The reports are posted in fuelWRAp for easy retrieval and downloading. These reports can also be shared with administrative personnel in bulk, zipped folders, or other means for internal company archiving.

The collection and filing or ATG test results can continue, if desired by company personnel, but Warren Rogers’ fuelWRAp gives corporate personnel the ability to TRACK, ARCHIVE, AND CONFIRM RESULTS for every location, every 30 days!

In addition, corporate compliance staff can check fuelWRAp to address locations still AWAITING RESULTS, with Active ATG Alarms, or Sensor Status (real-time).

The following list of common ATG brands (automatic tank gauges) and fuel/dispenser controllers are compatible with Warren Rogers’ service. This list is not all-conclusive, so please reach out to us at info@warrenrogers.com to inquire about your particular equipment.  Warren Rogers can extend the life of your ATGs with our unique reporting capabilities.

Warren Rogers requires NO changes to underground tanks, lines, sensors, probes, or dispensers for our system to work for you!

Common Compatible ATG Brands: