Bill Jones
Bill JonesPresident

William has contributed to the evolution of technologies, standards, and regulations pertaining to tank systems and their operation for more than 30 years. He’s a sought-after industry speaker and has been called as an expert witness in underground storage tank litigation and arbitration proceedings. He advises industry decision makers about best practices in fuel management, and specializes in issues at high-throughput sites. His expertise and commitment drive the company’s continued technical progress and exceptional service ethic. Bill works directly with our engineers and statisticians to solve the petroleum retail industry’s most complex problems.


Jill Jones
Jill JonesChief Operating Officer
Jill cofounded the company with Warren Rogers in 1979. She is a true pioneer in this industry, having developed the first reliable means of predicting when underground steel fuel storage tanks would fail. That method is so reliable, it’s used in more than 25,000 gas stations in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, Central America and Australia. Jill’s expertise, combined with advances in automation and communication technology, led to the creation of our Continual Reconciliation Analysis to monitor and analyze fuel inventories at some of the most active fuel sites in North America.

Randy Collins
Randy CollinsSenior Vice President
Randy, who has been with Warren Rogers for some 20 years, has extensive experience in all facets of retail petroleum systems and operations. He spearheaded the development of Warren Rogers’ Continual Reconciliation System and has managed its integration with myriad equipment configurations. A recognized authority within the industry, Randy is a named inventor on numerous US and European patents.


Caroline Walker
Caroline WalkerPrincipal Statistician
Caroline’s education (B.S. in mathematics from MIT; M.S. in statistics from the University of Washington) and SAS programming experience give her all the tools she needs to tackle complex problems, find new ways to detect patterns and infer meanings, and communicate that information in ways that are useful and insightful. She is excited about the emergence of “big data” and all it can mean for our customers.


Mike Lenox
Mike LenoxVice President Engineering
Mike acquired his extensive engineering expertise over many years of applying intelligent systems to process control and data collection. He is instrumental in expanding our capabilities and in keeping our data collection proficiency current. Mike is driven by the challenge of developing systems that deal directly with the real world; his work is tested (and proven) every day by uncontrollable factors like human behavior and Mother Nature.