Analyzing more data, more frequently to minimize loss and maximize profits.

With CR, or our “All-Points Monitoring System” you get the most accurate and complete picture of your fuel operation — from every underground tank and fuel line, and dispenser, right to the vehicle. This patented system features our real-time, continuous reconciliation technology and is ideal for high volume sites equipped with automatic tank gauging systems (ATG) and advanced dispenser pump controllers.

continual reconciliation

How it works
With the completion of every fueling transaction, a simultaneous observation of elapsed sales and associated tank system product heights and temperatures are recorded. CR identifies operational problems as they occur with pinpoint accuracy. It is also certified to provide the EPA leak detection /CITLDS monitoring for complex manifold tank systems up to 100,000 gallons in capacity. Download the CITLDS third-party certification sheet. This technology features:

on site processor

Quick Reference Precision Inventory Reconciliation for each fuel product.

Meter Drift Analysis – This is our patented method of identifying meters drifting away from strike and holding back or giving away product.

Meter drift analysis reports can be provided for each dispenser position associated with a product to help you identify the financial impact that meter error is having on site profitability.

Dispenser Flow Rate Analysis – This procedure calculates the dispenser flow rates for each position associated with that particular product. The purpose of dispenser flow rate analysis is to identify dispenser positions which are delivering products slowly to the customer due to clogged filters, defective flow arrestors, or inadequate turbine pump capacity. In recent months we have developed advanced techniques and new reporting methods regarding flow rates to help petroleum retailers improve efficiency and profitability.

Learn more about dispenser flow rate analysis

dispenser flow analysis