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Warren Rogers’ fuelWRAp can help you to automate the collection of ATG-based CSLD, SCALD, PLLD, tank, electronic line, sensor, and interstitial results from your Veeder Root and provides you with a calendar countdown report on any outstanding tests each period, directly on the fuelWRAp dashboard. As passes are obtained, state-specific reports are created and archived for regulatory compliance. The reports show results over the last year, giving you a single source of information to reference for future regulatory inspections. Fully-automated SIR and CITLDS leak detection can also be provided for high-throughput or older locations, with applicable regulatory reports created and archived each period directly on the fuelWRAp dashboard! Finally, if some of your locations lack tank gauges, we also offer a web-based data entry portal for the collection of information necessary for SIR leak detection. With automatic tank gauges in place, we can automate and manage your leak detection compliance for you!

Now Available! Task/Inspection Tracking and File Management, directly on the fuelWRAp dashboard! Inquire today!

We built the fuelWRAp online dashboard around exception-based reporting. It shares only critical issues that are outside your normal expectations, so you don’t have to sift through enormous amounts of data to find your own insights. The fuelWRAp dashboard provides you with detailed insights into fuel site performance, including real-time sensor, tank, and line alarms and customized email alerts; unexplained loss monitoring; leak detection (through several customized inventory reconciliation methods); and troubleshooting support. Additional reporting capabilities include 30-day sensor status, water in tank, slowing flow performance due to potential tank contamination, and site communication status. We can be your “backup” at especially-lean organizations.

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Our new Compliance Status tracking capabilities alerts the user to Veeder Root ATG-programmed testing that has not yet passed testing successfully during the current 30-day period. We have the ability to track CSLD, PLLD, sensor and interstitial monitoring right on the fuelWRAp dashboard! This heads-up  reporting gives users the ability to easily view alarms, sensor status, or other anomalies that may be prohibiting a successful pass for the period. A quick click of the Show Passing toggle at the top of the screen then reveals all passing tests for the period! You can also quickly view ATG alarms and electronic sensor status that may be impacting your testing within the application.

Once we receive a passing test result, 30-day reports are automatically-generated and archived directly within fuelWRAp for future regulatory paperwork requirements. a 12 month rolling history is also displayed on the reports so that your latest report will satisfy most regulatory requests for history.

Tank gauge alarm monitoring, alert notifications, and compliance reporting
Gross and net inventory reconciliation
Delivery volume audit
Tank geometry modeling
Monthly monitoring of tanks and associated lines (as required)
Identification of one-time losses by date, time, and amount
Intuitive fuelWRAp customer user interface
Archiving of 30-day and monthly reports
Historical capture of tank gauge alarms
Customized reporting
Analytical support and troubleshooting assistance


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“Since we’ve implemented Warren Rogers’ comprehensive Wetstock Management solution we’ve observed a reduction in fuel variance by 49%, and in some instances nearly 98%. It’s their effective implementation of tank geometry modeling, meter-drift analysis, delivery auditing, analyst review, and exception-based reporting that makes all the difference.”

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