First things first.

Our name comes from one of our co-founders. Warren Rogers, PhD, and Jill Jones founded the company on an uncommonly strong work ethic and a belief that they could offer vital assistance to petroleum retailers. Since 1979, we’ve specialized in statistical analyses and advanced system diagnostics for the retail petroleum industry. We focus primarily on optimizing wet-stock management and fuel handling procedures to improve retail fuel efficiency and profitability.

Recognized as a pioneer and leader in the area of fuel storage and management, we’re at the vanguard in identifying tank systems at risk, in developing leak detection technologies for monitoring tanks and associated lines, and in implementing Continual Reconciliation methods for precise wet-stock management.

We’ve built an outstanding reputation on our engineering prowess and technological innovations. But what has truly set us apart over more than 35 years in this business is our unmatched customer service, flexibility, and confidentiality. Our friendly (and skillful) analysts deliver customized reports that enable our clients to make decisions based on comprehensive, real-time information. It’s this personal touch that has helped us grow the Warren Rogers family to include some of the most recognized names in petroleum retail. In fact, most of our customers have been with us for over a decade. We believe Warren would be very proud of what we’ve accomplished.

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This timeline highlights some of our major accomplishments:

2018 Rollout of Warren Rogers Procurement application, providing carriers with secure access to real-time fuel measurements and run-out calculations

2017 Development of client U/I for access to real time store activity and metrics.

2016 Introduction of the first PCI compliant, Cloud based fuel monitoring system

2015 Developed Nationwide Fuel Theft Mapping

2014 Received US Patent 8666683 for Advanced Flow Diagnostics (AFD) for methods and equipment that can detect and alert customers to a line leak or fuel dispenser theft while a pressurized piping system is in flow.

2012 Introduced Bio-Diesel Blend Audit Methods

2012 Developed Advanced Flow Diagnostics (AFD)

2008 Developed Real-Time Diagnostics and Alerting

2003 Developed and implemented Dispenser Flow Rate Analysis

2002 Developed, tested, and implemented Meter Drift Analysis

1998 Invented Continual Reconciliation Analysis (CR) technology and awarded patent.

1998 SIRA became Certified for Aboveground Storage Tank Leak Detection

1995 Deployed first Hybrid Automatic Tank Gauge/SIR prototype

1990 Warren Rogers SIRA became Third Party Certified for Underground Storage Tank Leak Detection

1989 Developed Tank Geometry Modeling

1984 60 Minutes TV show draws attention to the hazards of unregulated UST systems and features our namesake Warren Rogers on the program.

1984 Developed SIRA (Statistical Inventory Reconciliation Analysis)

1982 MTCF was developed in conjunction with a research project undertaken by the American Petroleum Institute (API) to identify corrosion-inducing variables in the backfills of storage tank systems and to determine their effect on expected tank life. It was the first reliable means of predicting expected tank life and was implemented by such companies as Getty, Texaco, Chevron, Southland (7-Eleven), among others, in order to develop their tank replacement and upgrade programs.

1982 First Field Implementation of Mean Time to Corrosion Failure (MTCF) procedure

1981 Led API Corrosion Study on factors affecting underground storage tank failure

1979 Warren Rogers Associates formed