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As we continuously track every drop of fuel and monitor every line and dispenser at your c-store or retail fuel site, we’re collecting and analyzing an infinite amount of data. And we know there’s more than one person at your company that needs to look at all this data and act upon it — sometimes immediately. So it’s our goal to get the information to you quickly and efficiently. That’s why we provide customized reports that get relevant and vital information into the hands of everyone involved with the fuel aspect of your business. And we get it to them where, when and how they want it.

fuel management

And now, getting that data is easier than ever with our new fuelWRAp Real-Time app!

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Whether it relates to precision fuels management and compliance, supply and fuel accounting, or operations and facilities management, fuelWRAp provides meaningful, actionable information, to keep your sites working with greater efficiency and maximum profitability.

fuel tank levels
Our on-demand data via a secure customer portal
provides a comprehensive view of your site and includes:

  • Variance reports
  • Tank activity
  • Sales by hour
  • Dispenser down summary
  • Probe out summary
  • Delivery reports
  • Unexplained removals
fuel tank levels
Daily and weekly reports are also available.

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If you have a new site about to go up, or an existing fuel monitoring system that needs upgrading, download “5 things every fuel retailer should know” before implementing a fuel monitoring system.”

5 things every fuel retailer should know