Get wraparound knowledge of all your fuel sites, with the fuelWRAp real-time website application.

Warren Rogers’ fuelWRAp is the most precise and efficient fuel management system available today. fuelWRAp uses real-time data and leverages the flexibility and smart analytics of the cloud to help travel center and convenience store operators continuously track every drop of precious fuel inventory ─ as it makes its way to your site, enters the tank, flows through each fuel line, and reaches the meter ─ even at the most complex, high-throughput sites.

With fuelWRAp, you get tighter fuel inventory control, important equipment alerts, detailed reports and more. Our streamlined user dashboard brings KPI metrics, interactive charts and graphs, and historical data right to your desktop, tablet or phone. You also benefit from the personalized support of an expert fuel systems analyst.

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Here’s the type of intelligence and precision fuel management capabilities our system provides.


Check out the latest video on fuelWRAp and industry-leading capabilities!  See additional detail on fuelWRAp below the video.


ATG Alarm Management
Through our fuelWRAp online portal, we alert you to potential issues so you can address them before they become serious problems.  Based on your tank gauge parameters and programmed alarm limits, you get critical issue alerts including  tank overfill, water in tank, probe out, tank delivery required, and many more.  Issues are prioritized for you and allow you to resolve many of them remotely, avoiding the need for expensive maintenance and facilities involvement.

Comprehensive Dispenser Monitoring
We identify meter drift, dispenser flow rates, fuel shortages and fuel theft. With fuelWRAp you’ll get a holistic view of all your sites with unsurpassed precision.

Leak Detection Compliance
Our understanding of Underground Storage Tanks (UST), water incursion, and environmental compliance is unmatched. We provide leak detection compliance that meets 30-day reporting requirements for complex retail fuel sites and active travel centers.

Real-Time Data
We provide information as it happens, for up-to-the minute precision in fuel management intelligence on any device. This allows you to effectively and efficiently make informed decisions about fuel inventory, product dispatch, and equipment repairs.

Secure Data Handling in the Cloud
Cloud-based fuelWRAp features the Warren Rogers security suite; it does not link to your VPN and it simplifies PCI compliance. It ensures that we never access your customers’ cardholder data. Click here to watch the security video.

Biodiesel Monitoring
We monitor biodiesel blending and audit consumption for federal and state reporting requirements.

Delivery Audits
We verify that you actually receive the fuel you are paying for to make sure you’re not getting shortchanged.

Fuel Procurement and Product Dispatch
We help you optimize your fuel stocks with real-time tank levels, ullage amounts, consumption forecasts, and vital inventory alerts. An intuitive automation feature prompts carriers when a delivery is due. Learn more about fuel procurement here.

Our in-depth knowledge and expertise in virtually every aspect of fuel management for convenience stores and travel centers makes us the perfect choice for all of your precision fuel management needs.

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