Are you ready for the biodiesel revolution?

Make the most of our biodiesel blend monitoring and reporting capabilities.

Biodiesel fuels are rapidly becoming an attractive option for fuel retailers like travel centers and convenience stores. If you’re considering adding biodiesel to your fuel offering, Warren Rogers can help you improve site profitability and assist with the monitoring and reporting that will make your biodiesel blending efforts worthwhile.

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We can help with in-line and fill blending, whether done aboveground or underground.

  • In-line blending: using specialized equipment, biofuel and diesel fuel from different tanks are blended as they are dispensed
  • Fill blending: biofuel and diesel fuel are simply blended in one tank (also called splash blending, sequential blending, ratio blending, or hybrid); can be done before or during a fill

Through daily monitoring of biodiesel blend rates, our analysts ensure actual blend rates match your desired blend rates.

  • Daily reports detail the blend rates of every biodiesel system.
  • We verify the gross and net amounts of product actually delivered to the biodiesel tank system.
  • Adjustments are calculated to factor in temperature, tank geometry, and elapsed sales to ensure variance is as accurate as possible.
  • We monitor blending operations to ensure proper blend ratios are upheld.
  • We maintain an audit of transfers for biodiesel tax credit and state fuel tax purposes.

We issue real-time alerts for water, inventory, and communications for your biodiesel (and other) tank systems.

  • We alert you to any potential issues as they occur so they can be addressed as soon as possible.
  • Alerts are designed around your specific needs and parameters; we can send customized email warnings about tank overfill, water in tank, delivery required, and more.
  • We notify the specific site(s) of any issues that require immediate attention.
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We continuously monitor all tanks, lines, sensors, and inventory levels through our advanced diagnostics and connections to the tank gauge and fuel controller. Our on-site processor knows when fuel transactions take place at the dispensers and knows the offsetting impact each transaction has on dispenser totalizers and tank volumes.

Using our advanced diagnostics, we calculate the blend percentage for each transaction. That information is incorporated into reports that help you support your blending efforts as you comply with state and federal requirements. We can also track the percentage of above-ground blending by reviewing deliveries, tracking the current in-tank blend, and calculating the new blend rate after a delivery.

Because biodiesel differs from conventional grades, additional maintenance may be required to keep the biofuel and diesel systems running optimally. Our applications and online portal monitor every fueling position and each tank’s submersible pump for flow rate; you are informed when flows are substandard. Whenever a problem is detected or a particular performance threshold is reached, it is reported immediately so you can implement targeted and cost-effective maintenance.

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