We make it easier for you to keep up with critical maintenance tasks.

Our approach is to “lean out the vast amounts of data” that you see and provide you with exception-based online dashboard alerts and reporting, which immediately draw your attention to sites not performing at your expectations. With Warren Rogers’ fuelWRAp access, you can view real-time and active tank, line, and sensor alarms in abnormal status and receive customized email alerts. We display and report on locations with slowing fueling positions, dispenser meters out of variance, sites with communication loss, and tanks showing water. We also offer real-time, interactive tank and dispenser performance charting. We will even prioritize issues based on their impact to your site revenue, so you can fix the most costly issues first. Your Warren Rogers analyst support team can customize reports and email alerts to meet your specific needs, and offers first-class troubleshooting assistance — all viewable on desktop, tablet, or mobile (great for field staff). See the results of your maintenance repairs in real time.

Now Available! Task/Inspection Tracking and File Management, directly on the fuelWRAp dashboard! Inquire today!

Working at desk with laptop open
Tank gauge alarm monitoring, alert notifications, and compliance reporting
Identification of one-time losses by date, time, and amount
Dispenser flow rate analysis
Dispenser and fueling position down reporting
Gross and net inventory reconciliation
Intuitive fuelWRAp customer user interface
Customized reporting
Analytical support and troubleshooting assistance
Tank geometry modeling
Blend-ratio verification
Fuel theft at the dispenser
Repair validation
Water in tank reporting
Communication down reporting
Meter drift impact reporting
Flow rate impact reporting


Here’s what our customers are saying…

“Our on-going meter drift analysis program with Warren Rogers reduces the need and frequency for meter calibrations, sometimes by over 50%. This saves us considerable time and money, ensures that our customers get what they are paying for, and keeps our sites compliant.”

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