Our new Task/Inspection Tracking & Document Management tools can make life easier for compliance and maintenance staff alike!


  SCHEDULE. TRACK. COMPLETE. RECUR.  All with innovative tools from Warren Rogers!

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Task/Inspection Tracking– With Warren Rogers’ available Task Tracking tools in place,  fuelWRAp users can now benefit from a centralized portal to electronically schedule, track, set reminders for open tasks, and automatically create recurring future events.  Our Task/Inspection tracking tools are a great way to receive calendar reminders on repeating events, such as 30-day walk-throughs, annual tank and line tests, state registrations, and more. Really, there is no limit to what you can set up as a recurring reminder.

Schedule tasks for one site or all sites, easily with our task administrator tools. Simply set up templates by state, county, city, or any standard protocols you would like to institute within the tool. Feel free to assign scheduled completion dates and parties responsible to complete the tasks as well.

Track the tasks via the fuelWRAp dashboard to view Open, Finished, or tasks not scheduled. Filter to the specific tasks you are focused upon and download or print a list, if desired. All from the fuelWRAp dashboard.

Complete tasks as the work is finished! Add any notes to the tasks completed, upload documents to support the work, and then mark the task as completed. It is as simple as that!

Recur– The system will then automatically-set recurring dates in the future based on the frequency you would like the tasks completed again. These will show as open tasks for your viewing the following week, month, year, or 5 years, depending on your preferences.  No limit on the number or tasks or frequency. You are in complete control!

Administrators can then provide limited access to internal and external users to view and complete tasks as well as upload documents to support the tasks. A great way to share the work and hold others accountable to complete their specific tasks and document accordingly. Allow them to show as completed or leave open for your review. It’s your call!

Cloud-based Document Storage – In addition to the ability to upload documents to support the completed tasks noted above, Warren Rogers offers even more available cloud storage for other documentation. Administrators can create their own folder directories for each store location and upload pictures, blueprints, layouts, remediation schedules, compliance information, store profiles, and even more.

Warren Rogers gives you the ability to centralize all of your documents in ONE place with the added security of the cloud!

Accessible on your desktop, tablet, or mobile. No matter where you are at, you can access your documents when needed. Address urgent requests with the latest data storage technology available!

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