Procurement by Warren Rogers.

Procure, forecast, and dispatch fuel with precision.

Protecting fuel profits is a priority for you and it’s a priority for us. That’s why we developed our new procurement application. If you’re responsible for procuring fuel, forecasting fuel sales, and dispatching product across many sites, then our procurement application solution is for you. It gives you a comprehensive look at fuel inventory and delivery needs for all of your sites and alerts you to potential runouts and other issues — in a highly secure, cloud-based environment. And all procurement customers also receive personalized support from a Warren Rogers expert analyst. Download the procurement benefits resource.

C-Store owners, logistics personnel, station managers, IT staff, and carriers alike prefer procurement to optimize their fuel stocks. Get a free quote and ask for a demonstration today.

Procurement application
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With procurement you get:

• real-time tank levels, ullage amounts, and consumption forecasts.

• highly intuitive, advanced forecasting analysis that relies upon historical sales data

• superior accuracy and reliability

• vital inventory alerts that pinpoint potential delivery risk and time to runout

• unsurpassed security featuring DART technology to keep carriers off of your VPN (and that centrally administers login credentials)

• a streamlined user dashboard with enhanced graphics for up-to-the-minute, at a glance data on any device

• automation feature to prompt carriers when a delivery is due at each of their designated sites

dispenser flow analysis