Cloud-based Fuel Monitoring that Insures Data-Security and Simplifies PCI Compliance

Cloud-based Fuel Monitoring that Insures Data-Security and Simplifies PCI Compliance

Warren Rogers Associates leads the fuel monitoring industry in capability and accuracy — and data security. Hackers can use other fuel monitoring systems to gain access to your customers’ payment card information. But our cloud-based system has multilayered and redundant security measures built in. And because it never touches cardholder data, our system simplifies PCI compliance and speeds approvals from IT and corporate compliance departments. It starts with our on-site processor. Installed at your fuel retailing location, our on-site processor collects fuel-related data in real time from various peripherals, and securely transmits that data to our highly scalable and redundant cloud infrastructure.

So what makes our system so unique?

· It collects and transmits only the data we need to perform our analysis.
· meter drift
· dispenser flow rate
· delivery audits, fuel shortages and theft
· EPA compliance
· It does not collect or transmit any customer cardholder data.
· It has no incoming channels and requires just a single encrypted outgoing channel.
· It easily integrates with your current systems and never accesses your VPN.
· It doesn’t create holes in your firewall.
· It requires no oversight or upgrades by your IT staff, and can help reduce IT overhead.

Make sure your fuel monitoring system isn’t an entry point for hackers and criminals.
Simplify PCI compliance: Use the only comprehensive, cloud-based fuel monitoring system available — only from Warren Rogers.

Contact us for a free consultation and to see a demonstration of our system. www.warrenrogers.com.

At Warren Rogers, we focus on the above controllable issues as well as many others. With our online portal, fuelWRAp 3.0, and dedicated analyst support, operators can gain a 360 degree view of their forecourt performance. Our exception-based portal and reports are designed with the user in mind….cutting through the “data noise” and unnecessary graphics, report generation time, and page scrolls of other applications. We also provide you with the impact of dispenser downtime so that your maintenance department can prioritize their repairs based on revenue, profits, and impact to your customers.

fuelWRAp 3.0 is also available on mobile, desktop, and tablet.  Each one  of  the  issues  noted  above  can  be  detected and  reported  upon  with  fuelWRAp  3.0. You can learn more at www.warrenrogers.com.  Ask  for  a demo today!Info Graphic Chart Image

About Warren Rogers Associates

Founded in 1979 by Dr. Warren Rogers, Warren Rogers Associates pioneered the development of Statistical Inventory Reconciliation Analysis (SIRA) as a means of monitoring underground fuel tanks and associated lines. SIRA was certified in accordance with EPA requirements and has been used by petroleum marketers for more than thirty years to provide UST leak detection compliance. Warren Rogers also invented Continual Inventory Reconciliation Analysis (CIRA) for fuel management, which has become the industry standard.

Today, Warren Rogers specializes in statistical analysis and precision fuel system diagnostics for the retail petroleum industry. The Warren Rogers system is fully deployed in the cloud to provide customers with real-time access to fueling data anytime and anyplace. Recent initiatives include the deployment of a secure procurement application for delivery forecasting and product dispatch, the development of KPI Measures of the financial impact of tank system maintenance activities, and advanced delivery audit. In addition, all Warren Rogers solutions are PCI compliant and eliminate any reliance upon the use of a customer’s VPN for access to store devices. Warren Rogers holds numerous U.S., European and Canadian patents for these applications. For more information, please visit www.warrenrogers.com

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  1. William Gandia III| July 25, 2023 at 9:41 pm Reply

    I found this article to be very insightful and did not honestly know that there was a company that dedicated itself to such a degree to keep fuel monitoring technology so up to date and safe. The fact that I was not aware that other fuel monitoring systems were being hacked was eye opening and makes this technology even more desirable now a days since hacking instances happen more and more.

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