MIDDLETOWN, R.I.  — Caroline Walker, principal statistician for Warren Rogers Associates, has been invited to speak at the prominent SAS Global Forum which takes place from April 18-21 at the Venetian in Las Vegas, NV.

Walker will give an expanded presentation of her 2015 Global Forum talk on using SAS® GEOCODE and GMAP procedures to create bubble maps in SAS®.  Bubble maps are useful tools for identifying trends and visualizing the geographic proximity and intensity of events.  According to Bill Jones, president and CEO of Warren Rogers, “Caroline’s expertise in the area of bubble maps has been of great value to Warren Rogers’ customers in combatting fuel theft. Her work is impressive and we are honored that she has been invited back to speak.” 

About Caroline Walker 

Caroline has been with Warren Rogers for three years. She holds a B.S. in mathematics from MIT and an M.S. in statistics from the University of Washington. This background and knowledge as well as her SAS programming experience give her the tools she needs to tackle complex problems, find new ways to detect patterns and infer meanings, and communicate that information in ways that are useful and insightful to Warren Rogers’ customers.

About SAS Global Forum

SAS Global Forum is an annual conference that is planned and sponsored by the SAS Global Users Group. It is open to all SAS software users throughout the world. SAS Global Forum brings together the best and brightest SAS users and experts, just as it has since 1976. For more information visit www.sas.com

About Warren Rogers Associates

Founded in 1979 by Dr. Warren Rogers, Warren Rogers Associates pioneered the development of Statistical Inventory Reconciliation Analysis (SIRA) as a means of monitoring underground fuel tanks and associated lines. SIRA was certified in accordance with EPA requirements and has been used by petroleum marketers for more than twenty five years to provide UST leak detection compliance.  Warren Rogers also invented Continual Inventory Reconciliation Analysis (CIRA) for fuel management, which has become the industry standard.

Today, Warren Rogers specializes in statistical analysis and precision fuel system diagnostics for the retail petroleum industry and develops innovative ways to identify and combat fuel loss.  Warren Rogers holds numerous U.S., European and Canadian patents for these applications.  Most recently, the company received a patent for its equipment and methodology that can detect and alert customers to a line leak or fuel theft while a pressurized piping system is in flow. For more information, please visit www.warrenrogers.com