Warren Rogers invented SIRA in 1984 as a means of identifying characteristic sources of error in conventional fuel product inventory records. This patented method provided the industry with a more accurate way to identify operational errors such as delivery discrepancies, meter errors, improper tank charts, theft, pilferage, and blending errors. SIRA can identify underlying leaks in tanks and associated lines at the EPA’s monthly monitoring standard of 0.2 gallons per hour. There are two variants of SIRA, which are used by retail petroleum operators:

1. SIRA (S1 Manual Analysis) Manual analysis is conducted for facilities where daily tank measurements of sales, deliveries, and product heights and volumes are manually recorded by the tank operator and provided via web entry to the Warren Rogers’ SIR web portal for analysis. (Primarily for small, single sites that have yet to convert to ATG systems.) Compatible with US Gallons and Inches only. Data is required to be entered through the web portal.

2. SIRA (S2) Fully-automated – Our fully-automated S2 analysis is conducted for facilities which are equipped with automatic tank gauges and point of sale systems which can electronically record daily sales transactions. The site operator is not required to manually record conventional inventory observations because the required daily data can be accessed electronically. S2 data is batched daily and sent to Warren Rogers for analysis. This method is compatible with both US (gallons, inches) and metric measurements (liters, cm, etc.).  Download the SIRA (S2) third-party certification sheet.

WebSIRA provides a secure internet portal which allows the operator to enter similar information to that specified through Tele-SIRA. The underlying database will provide a calculation of the site’s daily fuel variances and product height-to-volume variances.

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Download a free guide from the EPA: Introduction To Statistical Inventory Reconciliation For Underground Storage Tanks