Advanced Flow Diagnostics (AFD)

We invented this real-time application in 2012 and in 2014 received a US patent for this technology and associated equipment. AFD is an optional feature of our All Points Monitoring System. With this application, product is monitored as it is withdrawn from the tank via a processor that also records the associated valid fuel transactions which are being recorded through the dispensers.

Typically, the system is equipped with control devices which are capable of shutting down fuel systems and sounding an alarm when dispenser theft is occurring. The system is also capable of identifying emergent catastrophic leaks in lines and shutting down the associated pump. Unlike other forms of catastrophic leak detection (as specified by the EPA) the system is capable of identifying line leaks while the dispensing systems are in operation. Conventional catastrophic leak detection systems are only capable of detecting large leaks when all dispenser systems are idle.

gas flow meter